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New Pictures of Ifield Court

Several of Ifield Court's rooms have been fully refurbished. Many more have received facelifts. View Pictures...

Historical Country House Hotel

Ifield Court is perfect for a Gatwick stopover with onsite parking, 24hr transfers, and a great bar and restaurant

Stay, Park and Fly Package Deals

Ifield Court Hotel offers some of the best value park and fly package deals in the area. More...

Fantastic Response to Ash Cloud Charity Fund

We decided early on that we would not charge guests for extra parking due to unavoidable delays caused by the ash cloud crisis. In return, we offered guests to opportunity to make a donation to Great Ormand Street. The response has been phenominal.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated. So far we have raised over £700 and the money continues to come in. Your generous contributions have attracted the interest of the local newspaper. Please read on for more...

Company Shines During Ash Crisis

Crawley Observer, 28th April 2010

Suggestions that hoteliers we the only people to make profit out of last weeks volcano saga have not gone down well with one establishment.

And, far from milking unfortunate guests for every penny they can get, Andy and Ann Marsh, of Ifield Court Hotel, have used the opportunity to raise hundreds of pounds for a children's hospital.

With dozens of cars in their car park still waiting for their owners to claim them, the couple have decided not to charge the stranded holidaymakers - inviting them instead to give money for great Ormand St Hospital.

Night driver Gordan Sharkey was so impressed by the couple's community spirit, he got in touch with the Observer to tell us all about them.

Mr Sharkey said: "They have really suffered as people have been cancelling left right and centre. Despite this, Andy and Ann have refused to inflict any more hardship on the people stranded abroad, so when they come back after having been delayed by days they are not charging people for additional parking instead they are asking them for a donation to a children's hospital."

Mr and mrs marsh run three hotels but were forced to close for two nights because so many guests failed to arrive. Of the 24 rooms in the remaining hotel only 4 were occupied.

Mrs Marsh said: "We heard about big car parks who were leaving their daily rates the same, even when people were stranded abroad.

"We thought it didn't seem right to hit people like that.

"We've been washing some of the cars and asking people to make a donation to Great Ormand Street hospital instead of charging them for parking.

"So far we've raised £285 since Wednesday night. The car park is still full so we hope we can raise £500 in total. You see a better side of people when you do this.